Immunology Wars Videos

Immunology Wars - The Prequel

In this short introductory video the basic functions of the immune system in the defence against disease is discussed along with highlighting what can happen when the immune system does not function correctly.

Immunology Wars - Episode I - The Unseen Threat

In episode I of Immunology Wars we explore the physical barriers and chemical defences that stop invaders from entering our body and the innate immune system, which provides the front line of defence against any pathogens that do get past these defences.

Immunology Wars - Episode II - Attack of the Clones

In episode II of Immunology Wars we look at what happens when the pathogens manage to evade the innate immune response. The adaptive immune response is much more specific but takes longer to kick in.

Immunology Wars - Episode III - The Host Strikes Back

In episode III of Immunology Wars we look at how the adaptive immune response learns to deal with the threat and the two main mechanisms it uses to clear a pathogen and restore balance.

Immunology Wars - I'solo'ation - A COVID-19 Story

In this special episode of Immunology Wars as coronavirus sweeps across the globe, we look at what happens in the body as the immune system fights against COVID-19.

Immunology Wars - The Rogue One - A Cancer Story

In this episode of Immunology Wars we take a look at how our body defends against cancer, what happens when things go wrong and some of the treatments that are available.

Immunology Wars - Episode IV - A New T-cell

In episode IV of Immunology Wars we look at the way that new T-cells are produced within the thymus to ensure we are able to combat pathogens, including ones that we may never have encountered before, such as SARS-CoV-2.

Immunology Wars - Episode V - The Body Strikes Back

In episode V of Immunology Wars we look at the development of autoimmunity and how the body tries to regulate rogue T-lymphocytes that want to attack our own cells.