Welcome to Immunology Wars

Yoda from Star Wars

Immunology Wars is a new educational resource aimed at describing the basic functions of the immune system through the Star Wars movies. The immune system is complex, with multiple cells, tissues and soluble factors combining to help defend our body against disease and repair damage to keep us healthy.

It can often feel overwhelming trying to remember all the different cells and the roles these play in the immune response; Immunology Wars has been created to make this easier, associating the cells of the immune system with characters in Star Wars then linking the role of these characters in the movies to the functions carried out by the cells during the immune response. Our hope is that by creating these resources it will be easier for people to understand the basics of immunology.

Darth Vader from Star Wars

The immune system is amazing, constantly fighting off bugs that might cause disease and repairing damage caused by infections or from accidental damage like cuts, to keep us healthy! Immunology Wars hopes to help more people understand and appreciate this incredible defence system we possess and spark an interest in immunology.

Immunology Wars is a new website and content will be appearing regularly over the coming months, so please keep checking back to learn more about your body's defence system.

May your immune system defend you!